Treasure Bowl Collection

The first fundraising project ever set up by the International Academy of Ceramics has become reality with the implementation of “Treasure Bowl Collection”, first edition. It results from a collaboration of 10 international artists and curator Misun Rheem, all IAC members. The project could not have been possible without the financial support of international art benefactors. Their trust in the IAC makes this collection an important step in the history of our association. For this first ever edition, Misun Rheem celebrates the IAC philosophy, based on knowledge sharing and fraternity. Her objective was to materialize the constant tension between the expression of culture-specific sensitivities and the adherence to a community with a constitutively universal language. The theme ‘‘Native Clay’’ was a natural choice: the bowl, an archetypal and symbolic object, combines notions of sharing, origins and attachment. Through the “primal” action of shaping a bowl, the invited artists used their remarkable traditional and contemporary skills to express the concepts of native, self and common.

The first edition gathers artworks made by: • Abbas Akbari (Iran) • Philippe Barde (Switzerland) • Janet DeBoos (Australia) • Wayne Higby (United States) • Kyung Jo Roe (South Korea) • Toshio Ohi Chozaemon XI (Japan) • Gustavo Pérez (Mexico) • Ann Van Hoey (Belgium) • Wen Yeh (Chinese Taipei) • Fiona Lai Ching Wong (Hong Kong)

This edition is made of 12 numbered sets, each composed of 10 bowls signed by the respective artists. A certificate attests to the authenticity of all artworks. The limitation to 12 sets and 10 artists makes this edition a unique achievement in the world of contemporary ceramics. With “Treasure Bowl Collection”, the IAC’s objective is to put its members and art ceramics in the limelight, a steadfast commitment that has been going on since 1952.