A + A

The common thread throughout Ann Van Hoey’s works or art is the constant search for distinction, for innovation, for progress. Ann is always looking for ways to improve herself and the world around her. She takes that very seriously, in the way that she wants to make a real difference as an artist.

The A+A project is the result of a collaboration with ‘Den Ateljee’, a government-funded sheltered workshop working with disabled people since 1980. Ann knew their team had a lot of talent but didn’t manage to reach the right group of people with their creations. Since Ann already worked for the Belgian label Serax, she felt like those two should meet each other to see whether there could be a win-win for both of them.

Ann designed the A+A collection of stoneware bowls, taking into account the talents, possibilities and working pace of the people of ‘Den Ateljee’. 3D printers then printed the models, the basis for making plaster moulds. These moulds the team could make use of when producing the bowls. Afterwards, the Serax promotion and distribution experts stepped in to make sure the bowls could be marketed and sold in numerous design and museum shops.

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The making-off

As an artist, you hope to make a mark in the world someday. For Ann Van Hoey, art is more than beautiful objects or aesthetics. Being able to move, touch people and change the world in your own way: that is where Ann gets her motivation. 

For the A+A social project, Ann collaborated with Den Ateljee, a Belgian day center that improves the social integration and personal well-being of people with disabilities. By joining hands and placing everyone’s talents and strengths in the right places, the A+A bowl collection was born of respect and appreciation.