PULS at 15 – Building Global Collections

Holding the Ferrari in her hands, PULS Contemporary Ceramic’s Annette Sloth can’t help but be mesmerised by the perfection maker Ann Van Hoey has managed to achieve in a single work. Named after its cover of red Ferrari car paint, the object is both inimitably solid and fragile; while messing with mathematical logic. “It’s just so perfect,” Sloth muses. She can equally be drawn to drool over funky structures by Danish artist Gitte Jungersen –whose work is so vibrant and happy, it seems to be in love with itself. She loads praise on the insanely wicked operetta statuettes by Belgian enfant-terrible Yves Malfliet. After 15-years at the helm of PULS, her world class Brussels-based gallery, Sloth still has a sense of wonder and excitement when it comes to ceramics.

Report by Mieke Kooistra Photos by Stephen Papandropoulos